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- Can I put my Cardimom in the washer and dryer?

Please refer to the Care page. In a nutshell, the sweater is recommended to keep out of the dryer to prolong its life. The Jersey knit is dryer friendly. 

- Why is there a seam in the front?

The front panel is extra wide to allow you to not only nurse if you are nursing but also to wear it as a shrug cardigan. As such, it requires two knitting machines to make it so it has to be made in two pieces and then joined.  The jersey knit does not have a seam because it is cut from yardage. It helps to have the seam though because many people put it on backwards. It's lovingly referred to as the linea negra.

- How do I deal with the neck hole when I want to wear it as a cardigan?

The Cardimom neckline has evolved from a curved neck hole to a boatneck hole. When you wear it in Cardigan mode, if you ensure that the shoulder seams are right on the top of your shoulder, then when you flip the fabric behind your head, you should not have a problem with the neck hole showing as the excess material should cover it up. If you find that the neckhole is way down your back, then your sleeves are rotated backwards a great deal and you may want to rotate them forward so that you don't have that problem. However, if you are going to use the sweater for active use or for babywearing, then you can intentionally wear the hole further down your back to allow you to babywear on the back or to give you some ventilation if you are exercising or need some air to circulate around your back. It looks especially cute with yoga tops and many women just let the neck hole stay open. Please keep that in mind when deciding to purchase. Also, if you are buying a size that is more snug for you, you may find that the neck hole doesn't conceal as easily because much of the shrug material is covering your sides and your chest. This is also something to keep in mind when selecting your optimal size. Some moms like to hack this garment with a little hook or button to close the neckhole and others sew it up if they don't want to wear it as a poncho. Because we love wearing it both ways and the ease of flipping between both, we choose to leave it and like having that option to wear open back. 

- How do I select my size?

Tips for choosing the right size: If you like fitted tops, follow your pre-pregnancy or 1st trimester measurements. If you like to layer and have slightly more coverage, you might want to go a size up from that.

Please refer to the Size chart for specific sizing.  

- There is a weird seam when I wear it as a cardigan near my breast

This may be because you are wearing it backwards. Please check the tag to see that it is in the back of the neck.

- It gets wrinkled! Help!

As it is 100% cotton, it will wrinkle if you leave it in your laundry hamper or do not fold up when you are carrying it around. Ironing it might leave those annoying shiny iron marks, so we like to throw it in the dryer with a damp washcloth and let the washcloth steam out the wrinkles for just a few minutes on tumble dry or low heat (disclaimer, this does not mean to dry it through a 90 minute drying cycle with the rest of your laundry). This is a great fix for when you want to wear it right away. If you are traveling, you can also put it on a hanger and leave it in the bathroom to get steamed while you shower. We chose to use cotton rather than a more wrinkle resistant synthetic fabric as we found synthetics don't last very long, pill, and aren't as baby friendly.

- I'm not a mom and not nursing, why would I want this?

Sometimes, when people see how you can wear it two ways, they just throw reason to the wind and want to rock this sweater! Women who are pregnant or lactating aren't aliens - they are just at a time in their life when this garment really helps them to get through motherhood with less stress. Sweaters are sized to be worn for all shapes and sizes so, though this is great for childbearing women, it's also just a great garment for travel, as a coverup for heading to and from a workout, and great for lounging! A cardigan is often a nice security blanket to have for variable temps and as a backup garment to have in case you need to cover up.

- I live in the South, can I wear this?

We do have some tank options and may have more in the future, but the current Cardimom is a nice lightweight layer that, in the blazing sun you might find excessive, but if you're popping into an air conditioned building or you're traveling where its cool in the morning and at night, it's a great layer to have on hand. The tank Cardimom is great for nursing on the go in public places when it is hot and humid and is also a great layer again for your jaunt to yoga class. We hope to have more summer/lightweight options available in the future.

- I like it but the price is kind of steep.

We do have a range of styles and prices for everyone. However, we still make these in small quantities and feel that for the amount of $20-30 products that this replaces, it's well worth the investment. Starting out small, it's also challenging to compete with big box conglomerates and their prices. Nevertheless, we went to the baby store and bought a maternity sweater, a nursing cover, a nursing top, and a cart seat cover and the price tag was way over $200. Add to it that you can wear this after kids whereas your nursing cover is pretty useless after nursing, and we feel it's a great buy.

Feel free to email with other questions and concerns and we will post them here