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Prepping and recovering from pregnancy and labor

New moms are often confused, scared, and just don't know what to make of the state of affairs under the belt when they go into labor. You hear horror stories and...well, ladies, sometimes the stories do have some truth to them. What happens below the belt during labor can be much more than you would have anticipated. Having been through three labors and having witnessed two natural births of plus 9 pounders, I'm here to give you the run down on the topic.  When you are going through labor, you are dilating your cervix and the contractions are pushing the baby down the birth canal. As this happens, it causes the head of the baby to crown and the whole...

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If I can be a WAHM, should I?

I've had the opportunity to be a WAHM (a work at home mom) and I've also seen all three of my kids go to a day care as infants. I've done the tough commute into the city, leaving super early, and coming home as soon as possible to spend time with them. I've also had the opportunity to work from home or work remotely and also I've worked for myself from home as well.  Having run the gamut of experiences I can give my personal experience and advice to you. First of all, when I had my first child, it was after 5 yrs of deliberate thought and consideration of what I was going to lose out on by having...

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Postpartum Hair Loss

So, everyone, I'm in the throes of this problem right now. 4 mos postpartum and my hair.....shedding everywhere. In all of baby's cracks, in my bra, on my arms, in the shower, just everywhere. When I comb it more comes out and when I pull it back or when I shampoo more comes out. It's an unfortunate side effect of postpartum life for me. How about you, did you experience postpartum hair loss too? When I went to visit one of my OB/GYNs during my second pregnancy I had experienced it with my first and was trying to avoid it happening again. He had told me that even without baby I would have had the same hair loss. For that...

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Product Review: Doddle & Co. The Pop A Cleaner Pacifier

Hi friends - I like to investigate new designs and innovations that I see and I was very intrigued by this new pacifier design by Doddle and Co. I purchased it from Amazon. It promises to keep the pacifier by flipping the nipple inward when the pacifier is dropped. I thought that it inverts when it hits the floor but here is a video of how it works.   My son is not the perfect latcher nor the strongest sucker so we had trouble keeping this pacifier in his mouth, It slightly resists, training him to keep the pacifier in his mouth. If it was not this pacifier we were using, it would probably just fall out of his mouth...

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Pinterest Pin Scheduling for dummies: Boardbooster vs Tailwind Tribes

Disclosure: This is a lengthy but exhaustive post about Pin Scheduling apps Board Booster and Tailwinds that I’ve put together from all that I have learned about them. If you, like me were confused by them and what they offer and trying to decide between the two, then this post is for you! I call this blog post "Pinterest Pin Scheduling for Dummies" because I would qualify as a "Dummie" in this instance. I was clueless about Pinterest when I first started my business and I also was overwhelmed by what it would take to become somewhat influential on the platform. At first I thought it was just a place to pin things I have tried or like and I...

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