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How to Style Your Cardimom®

  The Cardimom® was originally designed as a sweater for nursing as I would forget to bring a cover and then use my jacket or sweater backwards (I would sometimes tie the arms together to make a loop for my head or I would put my arms through the arms backwards). It was not very comfortable for the baby and it was more just to provide a quick cover because it was not easy to keep baby under the sweater as it was pushing down on her. After some thoughts on how to improve a nursing cover, the idea for the Cardimom® was born. But now that I'm doing so much face to face sales of it, I've got to...

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1 sweater, 10 uses

The Cardimom® was a napkin sketch idea that came out of my own frustration with myself for forgetting to carry my wrinkled up nursing cover everywhere. But because I would get hot and cold so quickly, I rarely left the house without an extra layer on, especially living in the Bay area where it can be warm in the day and cold at night.  As I would forget to bring one and would feel myself getting engorged, I would have to nurse or relieve the pressure but I hated that my milk supply was going down due to my feeling that it was inconvenient to nurse outside of my home. Although at home I had no qualms about nursing without a...

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How to Stretch Your Maternity Wardrobe

You found out you are pregnant, first trimester you're a little in shock. Then you realize you need to get some new clothes. What do you buy? What do you need? How much should you buy? Where should you go? You start with Amazon or maybe a consignment sale? How do you know how big you'll get? How do you know what you will need? Look no further than Lucie's List. A list of must need items curated by a mom who's been reviewing products for years and knows the ins and outs of raising children and testing products.  One tip that you will find everywhere is to pick items that can serve multiple functions. As much as it seems...

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How to Grow, Nurse, Warm, Cover, and Carry Your Baby Using Just One Item

The Cardimom® is a multi-use garment for women. In this post, we will talk about how one item of clothing can be used for so many different features and is a must-have for moms.  x     It is a soft cotton sweater that you can wear as a tunic or poncho and is perfect for expecting mothers as they accomodate their growing bump. x     But it also is a great open front maternity cardiganBecause it doesn't require closure, it grows with you and accentuates your beautiful maternity figure. The front collar is great for covering up the girls and any mishaps such as engorgement or leaking that might occur.  x     The magic feature that so...

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A look back at business

10 years ago give or take, the tasks involved in starting a business and doing it all yourself were quite different than they are today. here are some comparisons. Information: of course you could find somethings online, but much of the information needed for the steps to run a business were found in specialty bookstores. I remember having boxes of books from Nolo and O'Reilly media that I pored over figuring things out. Now those books have been recycled and the best information is that which is constantly being updated online.  Legal: searching for patents and much of that research has changed so much. Before Google had google patents database, it was much harder to do a good search and find...

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