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A month of thanks for an amazing year

The past week has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone in this country. If you're from Chicago you began with elation and then things got crazy - either you were depressed sad and plotting your exodus from the land of the free or you were elated. What I've found so interesting with the election results and the World series is how on edge I was until very late at night not having any clue who was going to win.  But with the election at least in my world, all I'm seeing is people grieving the results and those who voted for the President elect are the silent majority. I think all of us have been torn by both candidates and...

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A mompreneur's first trade show

I wish there was more available out there online about attending trade shows and this one in particular, the ABC kids show. I had seen it on various websites before deciding to attend but the expense to enter was so high it was really a gamble if I should apply or not. I delayed for a while but one podcaster I was in contact with had told me it is a great place to launch a brand. Oddly enough he was only there for a day this year and the brands I had seen who had launched there I didn't see this year! I think the expense grows exponentially as you grow and sometimes it is hard to pencil that...

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How to glean from a webinar without taking the bait

I'm sure some bloggers are going to dislike this post but, we're all part of the social media food chain in some function or another. As a budding mompreneur-not-quite-social-media-maven-not-blogging-enough-not-doing-anything-quite-the-right-way, right now I'm probably in the lower echelon of the chain and so this post is for all of you out there like me slowly climbing your way up.  I'm starting to get a lot of ads directed at me because I'm out there on FB joining groups, googling 'how-to's', etc etc and so a lot of sponsored posts come my way proposing to do exactly what I need done. I own an online business and I admittedly sometimes am completely lost as to how to go about doing something. BUT...

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