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Kids say the darnedest things vol 1

It's so fun to document all the stages of childhood, especially when kids have started to express themselves and then a few years in, they say some hilarious stuff. I've been trying to take note because you just can't get that moment back. The other day, my older daughter, after I told them to stop putting on their ballet tights for school, said 'tights are easy to make: you just take pants and sew socks on!'. I chuckled a little bit mostly because she has this idea that I can just sew anything into reality. Anytime something is broken, 'you can glue it using superglue!', 'you can staple it!', 'you can tape it!'. And it's funny and super cute to...

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The belly hold: why do we do it?

Does anyone know why moms pose in photos with their hands like that? I just posed for pics like that too, so guilty as charged!  Can you imagine, if you had no bump and you were holding your hands that way in a picture? There is something so motherly about it but without the bump, it's just odd don't you think?  I was trying to figure out what it is that makes us do that. Do you think it's just cultural - we see others do that so we do it? Do you think it's a natural reflex to the baby moving in the belly? Thought about it for several weeks and here are some idea #1 - If you...

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