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Three moms, three lives, one top, many uses

There are three moms featured here, soon to be mother of two, Oxana  Whether you're expecting or bottles and diapers are long gone, the Cardimom® goes from the day you have a positive pregnancy test to beyond baby. It can be used as both a maternity sweater or cardigan, a nursing top & nursing cover, a capsule wardrobe piece, even a babywearing sweater. Above you see Oxana wearing it as a belted poncho. By flipping the front over your head, it becomes a vest or cardigan.  This is the Summer Tank featured but any of the styles that we offer have this functionality.    Here you see she is wearing it as a vest and it totally completes her outfit....

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Kids say the darnedest things vol 1

It's so fun to document all the stages of childhood, especially when kids have started to express themselves and then a few years in, they say some hilarious stuff. I've been trying to take note because you just can't get that moment back. The other day, my older daughter, after I told them to stop putting on their ballet tights for school, said 'tights are easy to make: you just take pants and sew socks on!'. I chuckled a little bit mostly because she has this idea that I can just sew anything into reality. Anytime something is broken, 'you can glue it using superglue!', 'you can staple it!', 'you can tape it!'. And it's funny and super cute to...

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Boys vs girls

I've been told that my 3rd baby is a boy. It's a new foreign thing to me. I have 2 girls and I'm so used to girls now, but one thing that has been interesting to say the least is a MUCH more enthusiastic reaction to having a boy I've experienced. I have never experienced this before. People are super stoked it's a boy - people throwing their arms up in the air, clapping their hands, exclaiming! This was not my experience with my 2nd girl at all neither my first. I never got any negative feedback on having a 2nd girl - possibly a few 'are you going to try for a boy next?' a few too many times....

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