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Kids say the darnedest things vol 1

It's so fun to document all the stages of childhood, especially when kids have started to express themselves and then a few years in, they say some hilarious stuff. I've been trying to take note because you just can't get that moment back. The other day, my older daughter, after I told them to stop putting on their ballet tights for school, said 'tights are easy to make: you just take pants and sew socks on!'. I chuckled a little bit mostly because she has this idea that I can just sew anything into reality. Anytime something is broken, 'you can glue it using superglue!', 'you can staple it!', 'you can tape it!'. And it's funny and super cute to...

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Mom, would you make a doll for me?

Does anyone remember the uglydolls? When my first child was in the womb, I taught a high school art class and we didn't have many resources for the class. It was supposed to be a sculpture class and kiln was broken. I had to improvise. I drew on all the different art I had learned over the years and the skills I had acquired and I looked at what was trendy.  There was a popular doll out at the time called the Ugly Doll and it simply was a stuffed pillow looking doll made of felt that was kind of monstrous and yet kind of cute. Our class learned to sew by making Ugly Dolls. Fast forward and on Etsy...

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Kids and a hotel stay

Even though your home is probably nicer than the small confines of a hotel, there is something exciting for kids who get to spend a night or two at a hotel, no matter the level of luxury. Here are some things we suggest you bring to make it a little more convenient and fun 1. ALWAYS BRING THE SWIMSUITS. I know you’re at home thinking – we’re not in a swimming mood. We won’t bring them. Then you get there and you pass the glistening pool and think…oh darn, we didn’t bring the suits! This will always happen. Just don’t forget the mantra: ALWAYS BRING THE SUITS!!!! 2. Bring a folding stool. Do you want to spend every 30 min...

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