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The belly hold: why do we do it?

Does anyone know why moms pose in photos with their hands like that? I just posed for pics like that too, so guilty as charged!  Can you imagine, if you had no bump and you were holding your hands that way in a picture? There is something so motherly about it but without the bump, it's just odd don't you think?  I was trying to figure out what it is that makes us do that. Do you think it's just cultural - we see others do that so we do it? Do you think it's a natural reflex to the baby moving in the belly? Thought about it for several weeks and here are some idea #1 - If you...

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Are you having twins?

The dreaded beginning of the third trimester has arrived. And...so I'm just going to go dig a hole in my bedroom and um, I'll see you in 3 months! Starting to fear the comments like this. But since this is probably my last baby, should I just embrace it all good and bad? Any of you just want to punch someone for giving you their 2 cents on the state, shape, and size of your belly? Vanity is oddly something that with each child, slowly diminishes, but no one really likes comments on your weight and I can never really escape the comments no matter how hard I try to avoid them. My first baby, though I had already had a...

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The 14 Piece Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

This capsule wardrobe allows you to mix and match pieces and get 36 different looks from 14 items. Pretty impressive, eh? You need three basic maternity or nursing tees and two pairs of jeans. The jeans should be one very casual and one that can be dressed up for a night out. One spagetti string flowy top that can be paired with leggings or with the jeans to go either yoga-sporty/athleisure OR dressed up for the club (though if you're expecting, I guess it's more like a few sips of wine at a dinner out with your hubs LOL). There's also the very trendy plaid oversized flannel that goes great with jeans, skirt, or over dresses, and three maxi dresses...

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How I designed the most versatile item for expecting moms and free coupon included! (see below)

Do you feel frustrated by nursing in public? I am a fashion and accessories designer who has worked many years for outdoor, fitness, and fashion companies in the Bay area. Once a single and hip designer in San Francisco, I eventually found myself married and pregnant and now I have 2 kids!  At first, when navigating the world of baby gear and all the things you need, you are overwhelmed but pretty soon you embrace the madness. It just seems: the more the better! I also had an older sister who guided me in the world of baby carriers, car seats, cloth diapers and more. So, yeah I was a baby wearing, cloth diapering mom. I had a gazillion diaper...

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