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Postpartum Hair Loss

So, everyone, I'm in the throes of this problem right now. 4 mos postpartum and my hair.....shedding everywhere. In all of baby's cracks, in my bra, on my arms, in the shower, just everywhere. When I comb it more comes out and when I pull it back or when I shampoo more comes out. It's an unfortunate side effect of postpartum life for me. How about you, did you experience postpartum hair loss too? When I went to visit one of my OB/GYNs during my second pregnancy I had experienced it with my first and was trying to avoid it happening again. He had told me that even without baby I would have had the same hair loss. For that...

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Overwhelmed but happy - chronicles of a mompreneur

-Overwhelmed but happy- These words describe me to a T these days. The more I've become involved in my online business and with another baby and figuring out how to keep three children alive, the more I've had to divide my time between two paying jobs and 1 unpaid. The unpaid of course is taking care of my children and the two paying are my online business and then the freelance work that I do to supplement. It can be challenging balancing them all and I just can't get it all done and also be with my kids and care for them and also try to be healthy. It was overwhelming before getting pregnant and was overwhelming while being pregnant...

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How to glean from a webinar without taking the bait

I'm sure some bloggers are going to dislike this post but, we're all part of the social media food chain in some function or another. As a budding mompreneur-not-quite-social-media-maven-not-blogging-enough-not-doing-anything-quite-the-right-way, right now I'm probably in the lower echelon of the chain and so this post is for all of you out there like me slowly climbing your way up.  I'm starting to get a lot of ads directed at me because I'm out there on FB joining groups, googling 'how-to's', etc etc and so a lot of sponsored posts come my way proposing to do exactly what I need done. I own an online business and I admittedly sometimes am completely lost as to how to go about doing something. BUT...

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What toys to bring on a trip

The past weekend we went on a quick getaway with our two kids. Though I like to think I’m a thoughtful toy purchaser for my children, since having my 2nd, I’ve had the conundrum of – do I buy one for them or two for both of them? It would be magical if two toys came from one and then when they didn’t care about the toy, it could go back to one. But that’s unicorn stuff! So, here are 4 things to think about when bringing toys with you.   Do you care if it gets lost? If you do, it’s always best to leave the fancy stuff at home or the things that come apart and need to...

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Crafting your dreams and possibly nightmares too

Being an entrepreneur sounds like the decision one would make to be like a hired killer or a ninja or something really specialized like a open heart surgeon or something. But for many, it’s something they fell into and though it comes with many risks, there is much potential for reward as well.  In my IG post I commented on how amazing all these bloggers were who were crafting their own dreams by blogging about life, featuring cool products, marketing their brand to the world, and creating a stream of income to allow them to remain at home with their children. It is really an interesting world to witness yet also it is not unlike the struggle I go through...

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