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Product Review: Upspring Lactation Cookies

 Product Review: Upspring Lactation Cookies   This is a tenuous time for me and my LO. I feel that my milk supply is going down because he is nursing in intervals further apart as he gets older. We aren't quite ready for weaning but it is really hard for my body to figure out what to do, how to act. I love that right now I'm no longer getting engorged when my son doesn't nurse but then I feel that my supply is dwindling more and more. I recently tried Upspring Milk Flow Double Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies.  I love that I can take them with me to work and it not only helps with my milk flow but it's...

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Product review: Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener

I recently got this in my school classroom - a manually operated and vintage inspired pencil sharpener! I am so excited for many reasons because: 1. teachers are always in search of the elusive perfect pencil sharpener 2. my students broke one of my sharpeners by burning out the motor 3. it doesn't run on batteries or electricity Introducing the pencil sharpener by Classroom Friendly Supplies.   This is a hand cranked pencil sharpener with a non slip surface on the bottom and it comes with a clamp if you want to secure it to a surface.  You pull the two black tabs together to set the sharpener to a fixed distance. The sharpener stops when the the holder gets to...

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Watermelon Cool Whip Smash Cake for 1 year old Birthday Party

  My third child had his first birthday some time ago and I’m just getting to post about it….#life I have never done a smash cake before and have always tried to keep the kids from sugar for as long as possible especially as they establish their eating habits. I found that when my 2nd got into preschool, she had Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and that was enough for her to get a deeply rooted sweet tooth. So I thought we would do a smash cake with watermelon instead of cake. This was mostly borrowed from the cakes I’ve seen for people who are on very restrictive diets who can not eat refined sugar or carbs. I have got to say,...

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DIY School Organization Chair with free downloadable plan

So, this just happened....I put all of everything that is important to me on the back burner and busted out not one but three chairs for my daughter...and her brother and sister. How did this come about? This will give a little insight into the way my brain works....when something comes to me that just really gets all of my receptors firing, I just...have...to....do...it.

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Post Partum Ballet

People always ask me how I do it all, I have three kids now, a job, another job...then another job, and then I also do a lot of volunteering and crazy things like build a chair for my daughter and make my own lavender oil. I also am at some points religious about exercise and then also sometimes indulgent in whatever I want to eat...hence at the moment of writing this post I still have a belly where if I'm not paying attention, it could be 1st trimester. My core muscles are strong but I have fairly large babies and I do put on a good amount of weight during my pregnancies and my core gets pretty wrecked each time...

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