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Momming by any means

Yesterday my hubs went back to work after taking paternity leave and it was my first day going back to doing everything - kids, food, school, work, and baby. Oddly enough it was a wonderful day and I was actually able to take the girls swimming AND get in a workout...How did I work out? On a recumbent bike at the gym with a baby over my shoulder! I like that phrase 'by any means' because it aptly describes the life of a mom. I know that in a negative sense it could cause you to think that one doesn't care about the process but just the goal. In my case, it's not that - it's that so much of...

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50 Shades of Poop

As a cloth diapering mom of a breastfed newborn, I've spent so much time trying to get the cloth diapers back to pristine after each poop and in the process, I've been baffled by how much range it has in color and texture! If you are on the brink of delivering, trust me, once baby is born, you will find yourself googling and even taking pictures of your baby's diaper creations. Doctors rarely care to inspect these photos FYI but you know, there is a moment of pride you feel when baby has their first poop, the first of many firsts but one of a few requirements allowing you to be discharged from the hospital together. From black tarrish meconium...

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Product review: Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding system

I received a Kiinde starter kit at Mommy con recently and I held onto it knowing that it might come in handy. Now that I'm breastfeeding again I had the opportunity to use the system. I was not paid for this review but I found it to be an interesting design so I wanted to share it with you. The Kiinde system is a well thought out system that comes with the dongles to be able to attach the storage bag directly to a manual or an electric breast pump without having to transfer the milk from a bottle or other storage bag. This is the main benefit of this system because​ typically with a different set up, you would...

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GIRLS finale: parallel learnings about breastfeeding, pumping, and latching

I've never really been a Girls fan but since having a newborn a week ago and in need of some entertainment that doesn't require my full attention, I've watched the final season (season 6) of Girls as I'm nursing the baby at night.  I didn't expect to relate to the show at all yet the finale of the entire series is based on the premise of breastfeeding (Girls S6E10), titled Latching. Spoiler alert ahead. If you have experienced breastfeeding and have been through the many stages of suffering, denial and acceptance, you will find this episode to be very apropos - I found myself relating to Hannah and her friend Marnie and laughing throughout the show mostly because my own take...

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