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GIRLS finale: parallel learnings about breastfeeding, pumping, and latching

I've never really been a Girls fan but since having a newborn a week ago and in need of some entertainment that doesn't require my full attention, I've watched the final season (season 6) of Girls as I'm nursing the baby at night.  I didn't expect to relate to the show at all yet the finale of the entire series is based on the premise of breastfeeding (Girls S6E10), titled Latching. Spoiler alert ahead. If you have experienced breastfeeding and have been through the many stages of suffering, denial and acceptance, you will find this episode to be very apropos - I found myself relating to Hannah and her friend Marnie and laughing throughout the show mostly because my own take...

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I'm officially in love for the 4th time

Hello, been off having a baby and am amazed at how much can change in a span of a week. From ambling along with a too big belly ready to pop to popping out said baby to being at home with this new addition,  and seeing and experiencing my body transition from pregnant to healing and concurrently nourishing this baby has been so eye opening. It is so crazy to think how this body went from one extreme to the other and how much has been packed into one week! I have to thank modern medicine for making it possible as I've learned I'm not one for pain and I needed much medical intervention to get through this pregnancy and...

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My experience with Diastasis Recti

My experience with Diastasis Recti     When I was pregnant with my first child, I began to add to my workout rotation a few home DVDs on prenatal exercise including yoga. It was there that I learned about this thing called Diastasis Recti (or DR). I didn’t think I could be susceptible to it but in my second pregnancy I realized that I had developed it probably during both pregnancies and had done nothing to prevent it.   I’m not a physician so this is my own take on the condition and my own experience with it. I would recommend consulting with more than one GP before diagnosing yourself with DR.   My understanding of it is this –...

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Valentine's Cupids hearts fruit plate with Jello

Hello my little friend, In the spirit of Valentine's day or Valentimes as my kids call it, I'm sharing with you the school treat we made for the Valentine's Day party. Tasked with making a fruit plate but that would compete with plenty of sweets and other treats, we decided to get some assorted fruit and make something fun for the kids combined with good ol' Jell-O.  Having failed at Jello many times in the past, I was resolved to get it right and I've had a stash of Jello sitting in the cupboard just for the occasion. If you plan like myself to make Jello Jigglers as they call them, do not make the mistake of just making Jello...

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