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I'm the owner of Skatesational, inline skating school in Dublin, CA. Teacher by day, mom, designer, and skate instructor by night. Please click on my calendly to book a session.

Skatesational Inline skating lessons

Skatesational Inline skating lessons

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Skatesational is an inline skating school in Dublin, CA. I grew up as a figure skater and stopped skating when I had children. A few years ago I came back to the rink with my kids and began teaching basic skating at the local rink. During the 2020 pandemic, the rink shut down and after binge watching HBO and Netflix, many skaters like myself began to learn that other skaters were wearing skating boots with wheels underneath. Facebook groups formed, social media began showcasing quad and inline skating, and skate shops were backordered on inline and quad skates. I started out very new and green to inline skating, but began on my quest to learn how to do figure skating on inline wheels. I had a bad fall a few months in which took a bit to recover from (and learn from) and then carefully and slowly, my skating improved! Spinning and jumping and fancy footwork ensued. Eventually I got back to ice skating but my love for inline skating began to blossom and a curiosity for all the disciplines of skating led me down this path. I receive my certification from Skate Instructors Association to teach inline skating and I'm confident that the program I am teaching is the best of the best. It's all about being free on wheels, getting fit, learning more skills, and building a community. I hope you will join me on this wild ride. Please subscribe to my social media to see the latest happenings of Skatesational!

What's with the multiwear and cardimom etc? I designed these sweaters for nursing moms (that also make great athleisure wear) and I still sell them but I don't actively do much with them on social media so I combined my skatesational on my existing site. The sweater name is the Cardimom. I also have a diaper bag I designed and had produced that you can purchase as well on my site. I also do freelance design work through upwork and also have an etsy store that I need to spend more time on with my kids!

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